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30 April, 2022
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PA system
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Audio solution

Whether in your daily life or in your professional life, our desire to satisfy you at all times pushes us to push back our limits and give you access to exceptional new technologies, capable of transforming science-fiction gadgets into reality and enhancing everything you need. Cutting-edge sound solutions, installed by a specialised team that has been working for years in acoustic studies and installations on an international scale with the most demanding standards, that will provide you with solutions studied and adapted to your needs and will fill your moments with special effects worthy of the greatest occasions and events, while at the same time furnishing your spaces with dazzling architectural lights that will leave your guests speechless. Translated with (free version)

Audio Multiroom

Control all your music and video in every room of your home or workplace, directly from your tablet, smartphone, PC or MAC. We provide you with several multi-room audio services such as central management, app control, DSP, indoor sound and home cinema. Your place is the most fun and comfortable place you will ever be.
Technically, we master several audio brands, and we assure you a highly professional execution.

Live and Pro sound

Audio processing technology ensures the best live sound experience for various types of events, such as supporting concerts, artist tours, multi-stage music festivals, venues, conferences, corporate meetings, special events, product launches, galas and live broadcasts. Our team of audio professionals work closely with you to achieve high quality live sound production for any occasion.

Public Address Systems

Whether it's an emergency evacuation broadcast, a promotion you want to share or daily in-store announcements, our public address systems allow you to communicate clearly with your audience. We ensure clear and effective communication with a range of services such as safety voice mail EN54 zone control, multi-zone control, the DSP In addition to the above, there is a wide range of other products, such as office microphones and control and monitoring.

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