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30 April, 2022
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IT Solutions
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IT Solutions

However, over time, a new generation of solutions is designed for our customers to catalyse all the intuitive and interactive processes and make their places more pleasant and modern.
Our unique promise: modernity is adapted to all constraints.
De nouvelles solutions pour les locaux qui les entraînent vers une ère nouvelle. Des technologies innovantes pour une gestion efficace de l’information.

Professional IT support

Our qualified IT managers will help you with anything you need: outsourcing, remote or on-site support, emergency troubleshooting and asset maintenance.

Structured wiring (VDI)

Structured cabling is the architecture and standardised components of communication cabling used as a voluntary standard by manufacturers to ensure interoperability. This system can serve users as 1:1 or 1 to many.

Whether your company is in the financial sector, military or a small SME, we ensure a flexible, secure and better user experience.


The Networking service provides better security for your work devices and cloud performance, as well as access management and user permissions. It will improve your network management, sharing and collaboration, data management and security and remote monitoring.

Sale and installation of IT infrastructure

Among the very important services of the IT solution, the IT infrastructure that includes switching, cabling and routing that facilitates your sharing of resources for different devices, while the router connects these different switches enable the network. In this case, your information will be more fluid, secure and linked to a better traffic.

IT security

The networked alarm monitoring system integrates the alarm system and the monitoring system into one solution.
Cloud computing, the provision of computing services over the Internet, has become a must for businesses and governments seeking to accelerate innovation and collaboration.

That's all you need for a safe workplace.

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