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30 April, 2022
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Security & Surveillance
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Electronic security solutions

In order to meet your expectations efficiently, we provide a team of engineers, support and assistance technicians with extensive experience and know-how certified by our international partners to help you resolve your most basic concerns, comply with the strictest and most specific safety standards and ensure the sustainability of your business in a controlled risk environment.

// Access control

Electronic access control is the most effective way to secure your premises. You will no longer need to periodically update or monitor the installed software we sell.
We implement unified security solutions and master all technologies related to access control, whether autonomous or centralised.
Whether it's badge enrolment, management of alarm and access control systems or video verification, satisfaction is guaranteed.

// Video surveillance system

Video surveillance is an essential element for the security of your company.
Our process goes through different stages from diagnosing your needs, choosing the right type of camera to the operational phase. We deal with the different parts of video surveillance such as surveillance, video capture and analysis, recording and storage and video monitoring.

// Anti-intrusion system

Many intrusion detection systems allow site management via tablet, smartphone, laptop. You can control the alarm whenever you want, whether you are on holiday, at a meeting or back home, you can see and control your home.
Whatever sector you work in, you have the privilege of seeing and ensuring that your business is safe.
We provide various intrusion detection systems such as intrusion, motion and event detection and notification and alert.

// Fire detection system

Because every situation is different, we work with you to understand your real needs and potential risks, and then we offer you the right technology tools for your situation. You can choose between intelligent detection, video fire detection, fire behaviour prediction, fire spread prevention and voice alarm. Fire alarms are used in many places such as offices, factories and public buildings and are part of the daily routine. Translated with (free version)

// Access systems and video surveillance

The networked alarm monitoring system integrates the alarm system and the monitoring system into one solution.
Cloud computing, the provision of computing services over the Internet, has become a must for businesses and governments seeking to accelerate innovation and collaboration.

That's all you need for a safe workplace.

// Contact us

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